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WTL series water-based ink
Browse volume : 3168| Release time : 2016-08-04

Application: Mainly used for gravure press sealed by PVC edge banding, combined with oil polishing on surface of water-based UV or PU.
Products Properties:
1.Being water-based ink, It is environment friendly with no sharp odor or poisonous materials, 2.which responds to the future global development trend.
3.With excellent adhesion, the water-based ink will adhere to PVC materials closely after complete drying.
4.Special quality pigment with bright color and favorable weather resistance.
5.Satisfying conditions for water-based printing and clear gradation of products.
6.Appropriate for printing, stable, limited color different during the printing process, dry easily and not glutinous.



White WTL-102 Yellow WTL-210 Red WTL-3600 Blue WTL-408 Black WTL-501
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