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WPV series water-based ink
Browse volume : 2868| Release time : 2016-08-04

Application: Wanmey WPV series environment friendly water-based printing ink developed for wall decorating materials are applicable for all printing wall papers, such as PVC foamed wallpaper, wall cloth or other wallpaper, wall cloth or other wallpaper such as non-woven fabrics or overlay papers.
Products Properties:
1.Highly adhesive, resistance to dry or wet cleaning.
2.Resistance to weather change and heat, with favorable color fixing capacity.
3.Smooth ink cover and not sticky.
4.Flat printing with clear pattern layers.
5.No color fading in the long run.
6.Free from formaldehyde, heavy metal and other poisonous materials, compliance with domestic and overseas environmental protection regulations.


White WPV-102 Red WPV-3055 Blue WPV-408 Blue WPV-408
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