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VA series printing ink
Browse volume : 3663| Release time : 2016-08-04
Application: VA printing ink is mainly used for edge banding printing of PVC mixed extruding or rolling. Combined with glazing on surface or oil polishing on PU. It is widely used for PVC and ABS materials on the surface of various edging decoration materials.
Products Properties:
1.Favorable adhesion.
2.Special quality pigment with bright color and favorable weather resistance.
3.Clear layer gradation of end product pattern.
4.Dry easily and not glutinous, applying to high-speed printing operations.
5.Resistant to plasticizer migration, duplicable but free from ink removal.
6.Perfectly adaptive to printing and can be used stably for a long time.

White VA-102 Yellow VA-206 Yellow VA-210 Red VA-3602 Red VA-3080
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