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UV varnish
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Application: high glossy offset  printing UV cured  varnish is kind of printed matter for varnishing high-grade photosensitive coating, which can rapidly dry under UV irradiation. It is suitable for roller coating on the surface of PVC Edge Banding decorating materials.High gloss, smoothness,  good  transparence ,leveling property, fast curing, scratch resistance, yellow resistance, good weather resistance are its merit. After drying, varnish have excellent smoothness, not stack of sticky, make printed material bright, beautiful, texture rounded, then show perfect mirror effect. It have good adaptability to PVC Edge Banding. Widely used in PVC decorating materials industry.
Storage environment: store in dry and ventilation cool place, avoid exposing high-heat and sunlight place. Storage temperature is 5-30 °C.
1. Varnishing machine should keep away from sunlight, otherwise UV varnish will dry on the coating roller in the sun.
2. UV lamp should be changed regularly, guarantee the varnish drying completely, wash equipment in time, check scraper and steel wheels.
3. It have certain stimulation. If skin touch UV varnish, use soap to wash immediately, otherwise skin will swelling and blistering allergic phenomenon

4. Use alcohol or isopropanol to wash equipment.

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