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Session of half a year
Browse volume : 3502| Release time : 2016-07-28
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On July 15 to 16,2016,the 2016 mid-year working conference of Huamgshan Wanmey Ink was held in Huangshan. There were over 80 people attended the meeting,including the leading group,all the departments of the headquarter and the principals of the branches. The general mananger, Luo Jianhui delivered an important speech on the meeting.
Luo looked back on the performance of business indicators and the key works of the first half year and analyzed the challenges and the opportunities faced by companies. His deeply interpretation and systematically expounds about the development direction of the departments of core business clarify the focus of all departments and the total arrangement. Luo has carried on the thorough thinking on how to implement the plan and came up the expectations and requirements about the key work in the next half year.
In the speech,the general mananger pointed out that:
2016 is the year that the company summarizes experience constantly,explores the new way to develop continuously and seeks the development. As well as the key year to achieve the goal of step on the struggle for “lay the foundation, practice the internal ability, strengthen the management and seeking for the development” in facing the tough economic situation. During the past half years,our company has got a better and faster development with the joint efforts of all our staffs. Internal,we continued to deepen and perfect the internal management, bring in the professional talents, improve the management level and enhance the core competitiveness of our enterprice. External, we adjust our business strategy and explore a variety roads of operating actively according to the changes of market situation.
In the speech,the general mananger stressed that:
1、Focus on the long-term development of the company, layout in the optimization of market and effort to the improvement of product sales. Stick to seeking for improvement in stability and aiming at target market to strive for greater breakthrough in international market.
2、Pay special attention to the ehs work carefully and solidly and promote safety related theme activities actively. While paying special attention to the normalized company safety inspection we should strengthen safety supervision and the system construction, improve the standards and norms to form a responsibility clearly, well-equipped, upper and lower linkage, supervision and safety management system.
3、Establish and improve each rules and regulations of our company, standardize various operation processes, perfect the mechanism of choosing and employing,,clear their duties.

4、Strengthen the construction of functions of the company to achieve the improvement of the company overall strength.

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