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VA Series products are mainly used for edge banding printing of PVC mixed extruding or rolling. Combined with surface glazing coating oil or polishing oil for PU, it can be widely used in various types of decorative materials to decorate the surface of PVC and ABS materials. 

a) Original ink viscosity: 20-50s (Cup #5)
b) Solid content: 20%-50%
c)  Fineness: 2-6μm
d)  Main solvents: Ketone, ester.
e) Product weather fastness level (light fastness level, QUV test)
f) Extrusion Equipment: Discharge-Heating (155 degrees to 200 degrees) Extrusion (through different specifications of the grinding head) Embossing (depending on the product needs and whether the need for embossing) Cooling (passing through water channel, clean up the water on the semi-finished products by using wiper, blowing off or warming with heating panel. Applying treatment agent (our VFP series Treatment agent) Rewinding
g) Printing equipment: Base coating (full coating, generally higher viscosity has good opacity) Passing through the oven (longer distance) Print twice (each time shall passing through the oven "temperature of 40 degrees to 50 degrees". In case of when oven is not available, blowing with fan in summer, or lighting with sunlight lamp in winter) Passing through UV light (two to three UV light tubes, Watts 13,000 to 15,000) Rewinding

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