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VP series printing inks are applicable to PVC decorative materials, particularly for the high temperature resistance and high molding requirements and the design of the extension of the product (plastic coating process PVC materials, such as wood-grain door, table, furniture, etc.).
Product specifications
a)Viscosity of the original ink:10-30s(Cup #5)
b)Solid content:20%-35%
d)Main solvents: Ketone, ester.
e)Product weather fastness level (light fastness level, QUV test)
f)In general, VP Series Ink’s substrate PVC film thickness ranges are 0.05mm-0.15mm, Width 940mm-1620mm, coil 200m-1000m, (1 centimillimetre=0. 01mm=10μm).
b)Printing machine: line type (direct laminating after printing), segmented type, line type speed is slower 40-50m/min, segmented type speed is faster 100m/min.

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